Race Distances
Junior Events
Age CategorySwimSwim (Open Water)Bike (Grass)Bike (Tarmac)Run
Tristart (8 yrs)50m100m800m1.5km600m
Tristar 1 (9-10 yrs)150m200m2km4km1.2km
Tristar 2 (11-12 yrs)200m300m4km6km1.8km
Tristar 3 (13-14 yrs)300m350m6km8km2.4km
These are max distances, some events may be shorter
Note: Ages are at 31st Dec, NOT age on day of competition
Adult Events
Novice Sprint200m10km2.5km
Sprint (Open Water)750m20km5km
Double Standard3000m80km20km
Triple Standard4000m120km30km
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